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    Drone and Binocular buttons not working...

    several times it happened where I can't bring out my drone or binoculars out to recon enemy bases, I'm wondering if anyone else has this issue. The thing I notice of when this bug happens is everytime I get out of a vehicle this bug happens.
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    Yes, happens to me all the time. Same with my friends aswell. Seem to be a issue with lots of people i know.
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    Happen to be as well. No Drone after using it like 10 times. then no work at all. I complete mission and go to a home base reload ammo at the crate. and then the drone started to work again. Is there perhaps some kind of limit on how many drone flights you can do until you need to get a new one. Not sure . it may just have reset it via the travel to base
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    Same issue here but didn't happend often - maybe you guys noticed also the heli bug?
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    I have the same issue after using the "Explosive" drone. I'm able to use the binocs and drone as per usual until I explode my drone, then these buttons do not work and I'm unable to "Recon" in Ghost Recon.
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    Yes I have had this issue where lose control of the bird and it either won't respond to throttling down or up and it happens radomly
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    this happens to me all the time to temp fix it do a squad wipe. i hope they patch it soon
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    I've been having this problem too and the only way I've been able to fix it is to quit the game and restart it;
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    Same issue here. All squad members that I have been playing with has same issue. have to log out and back in to get it back working.
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