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    TacMap binding issue using Dualshock 4 on PC

    I'm using the Playstation DualShock 4 control on my PC to play Wildlands using the DS4Windows program. I've set controller icons to Playstation 4 in the options. Everything is running great except for the TacMap binding. The game prompts me to use the Touchpad bar to open the tacmap, but it does not work. No action is taken. I have to hit 'M' on the keyboard.

    I've gone into DS4Windows profile and set all the Touchpad inputs, including swipes, plus the 'Share' button to the 'M' key. There is still no effect. Any thoughts on a way to map the TacMap to a DS 4 control?
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    Same issue

    I'm having the same problem...did you end up figuring out what to do?
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    gunbladelad's Avatar Senior Member
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    Given the fact that the OP had zero responses in his topic since his original post away back in 2017, it's unlikely he ever found a solution. (On a side-note, it's generally a very bad idea to post in topics which haven't had any posts in months, never mind years.)
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    Hey dutchkimble, thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear about the issue you're having.

    Did you possibly try to open your inventory and then press touch-pad to see if it works? If not, can you try pressing it twice however on the second attempt, try holding it just a for a second, and see if problem remains.

    Keep us updated!
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