Hello Ghosts,

To begin with, we would like to thank all of those who took part to the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Open Beta.

Thanks to your participation and the tons of feedback we received, we were able to highlight the priority elements we needed to work on in order to implement them to the Day-One Patch of the game. The Day-One Patch is already available, and if your console or PC has an internet connection, the download should have happened already.

Please find below an overview of the improvements made to the game since the Open Beta. We also invite you to check the Known Issues thread on our official forums to get an idea of the elements the team is currently still working on. The Dev Team will keep on improving Ghost Recon Wildlands with future game updates and we appreciate your continued support.

1. PC version

A great number of improvements have been made to the PC version of Ghost Recon Wildlands since the Open Beta.

Some examples of fixed issues:
- Vehicle improvements
o Ramming debug and improvements
o Destruction debug
o Handling still ongoing
- Graphic glitches
- Several multi GPU graphical corruptions
- Stability
o Performance and graphic optimizations
o Reduced crashes
- Player experience:
o Fluidity in game
o Weapon optimizations
- PC Control optimization
- Anti-cheat protection optimization

2. Gameplay & Missions

We fixed various progression blockers and immersion breakers for our missions.

3. Co-op & Connectivity

Various co-op fixes regarding missions synchronization, replication, and online mechanics.

3. Player experience

We worked on several aspects in order to improve the player experience:
- Vehicle improvements
o Ramming debug and improvements
o Destruction debug
o Handling still ongoing
- Weapon optimizations
- Graphic glitches fixed

Some exposition adjustments were made in order to ensure clarity and ergonomics, specifically on:
- Lobby
- TacMap
- Cartel OverviewWe also added pop-ups to document the player on the game progression.


We have kept working on improving the game’s stability through:

- Various crash fixes
- Performance improvements
o Framerate improvement
o Stream improvement
o Memory optimization

We would thank you again for your continuous support! Following the release of the game, the development team will keep working on polishing the game and improving the player experience. Please have a look at our dedicated article to know more about our plan for future content.

The Ghost Recon Wildlands Development Team.