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    Soldiers Never Sleep Rainbow Six Siege Recruiting!

    sNs, short for “Soldiers Never Sleep”, is recruiting for our PS4/PC gaming community. This community has been playing a set of different games since 2009, but the Battlefield series always is our focus. We have been having a strong presence with our own servers for 7 years now.

    About sNs
    We are an international community, although most of our guys (and girls!) and from Europe or the GMT timezone. With our own Discord server we are able to stay in touch easily on PC and mobile, with easy to use voice channels dedicated to different games or situations. We are a casual community above anything else. We will always value the player and his/her personality over the K/D or SPM.

    What we have to offer
    Our own website and dedicated app for socialising
    Competitive matches against other clans
    Social internal clan events
    Active and involved staff
    Members online daily

    Requirements for joining
    Be at least 18 years of age
    Have a mic or be in the process of buying one
    Be respectful to other members
    Check in on the forums or chat app a couple of times a month
    Good sense of humour

    Who would benefit from being in sNs?
    You're looking for a fun and active community
    You're running 5 jobs and have 7 kids, so you just want a place to relax
    You don't like ultra competetive clans who will kick you for your stats
    You don't mind if you or the clan takes part in (voluntary) clan matches
    You don't like discriminating anyone for ingame our real-life reasons

    At the moment the rainbow group is not really big but we are woring hard to grow, And we would be happy to have U join us!

    Check us out at: www.snsclan.com

    If you would like to be a part of sNs – visit the website – register – and submit your application.

    On behalf of sNs,
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    IGN: gettohamburgler
    clearence level: 198
    rank: plat 3 atm
    stats: w/l 1.4. k/d 1.4
    20 yr old
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    im over 18 and looking to join
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    Psn: A_Real_Legend04

    Win/los: 0.8 k/d: 0.8
    I solo Queue and usually get placed Silver.
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