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    AC Unity, Recruiting Club Members [PC]

    We are looking to recruit Club Members for DoriansCreed [Arn_] which is a new formed club. We are looking for friendly members!
    We would really like to communicate while playing so we would preferably like if you spoke English and have Discord.
    If you have any questions about the club, just let me know, write on here or drop me a message in game I will happily answer them.

    Best Regards Assassin!
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    I would like to join if there is any chance the club is still open. Please inform me of the specifics on how to do so. I'm a newbie. I have been able to procure a copy of Assassin's Creed Unity activated by Uplay during a free giveaway event and am looking to complete club challenges for co-op missions, although I'm afraid that people might not be playing it in multiplayer mode even to this day.
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