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    Guardbreak counter - when will it be finally fixed?

    Is anyone from ubi reading this? If yes, can you finally fix the broken gb counter finally?

    Simple example - you see enemy coming your way and you want to make some space between you, so you dash once back, but in the meantime enemy uses gb and you are doomed. You cannot gb counter, because the game sees that you made a move.

    And now I'm waiting for the posts that I'm a noob, can't play, l2p, etc.
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    Wel, Gb is counter to blocking AND dashing, so i dont see a problem here.
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    As the others said, there's nothing to fix. In this specific scenario you have to press the dash button twice to make a roll or time it better.
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    Why can't you side step a Guard Break?????
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    Because its gard to dodge if you are in range of my hands. Lol. Thats just mechanial. We need any counters for dashre.
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