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    Connection problems, NAT strict

    I bought the game, waited long time for it. Was excited. Now I am dissapointed by Ubisoft which I held highly among game developers.
    1.NAT strict problem UNSOLVED
    - tried forwarding ports (which I think for the game and company that is Ubisoft is ridicoulous that you should do that) DIDN'T solve anything

    - tried DMZ, DIDN'T solved anything

    -tried calling service providers and asked for all neccessary means, I have finished informatics college and belive me I know what to ask; DIDN'T solve the problem

    Most of all; I was dissapointed when I decided to call support centre, and when I spoke to one of their employees, he acted like he never heard of the problem with NAT; he was assuring me that this is isolated situation. After I said the guy to open forums on his official website and type NAT on search, or google it, look it on reddit, to see there are hundreds of people with same problem he acted like he fell from Mars yesterday and still was trying to convice me that its my service providers who were the guilt party. 3 of my friends bought the game, only 1 have moderate NAT, rest of us are strict. Different service providers , different router manufacturers, all tried everything they recomended. I was really enthusiastic to play the game; but as I cannot got invite to a party or invite friends to play I really feel like I got scammed. I really hope someone from the company will get enough dignity and guts to write down where is the problem and to comment this with solution, or just with an explanation and advice to wait for them to fix, because at the moment Ubisoft is turning their heads from the problem of many many customers acting like everything is going good. Such a shame. I really didnt expected this from a company of that measures...
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    Originally Posted by Turric4n666 Go to original post
    do you have a firewall?
    I do. Its turned off of course. As I said really tried everyrhing.
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