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    farming bots??

    Well, i played in a bit in the night, and meet my first farming bots...

    Maby it is a troll, but i dont think so, because he played really botlike... " Heavy Attack - Heavy Attack - wait 1-2 seconds - Repeat"


    After him i found a nother guy, who just running in a circle and shieldbash me when i came to close, after 10 mins he started to attacking me (maby just a troll, or he got the control now)

    Oh i really hope you guys do something against them
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    I've run into them as well, all of them extremely high rank.

    But they'll swear they didn't bot to get there. They didn't run the game 24/7 in AI matches after figuring out how easy they were to spot in pvp matches. They're legit players who can play for a week straight without sleep....
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    I just ran into an Orichi running into a wall immediately after the game started.
    I proceeded to kill him via friendly fire damage so I could use him as a way to complete my crappy order of reviving 5 people in bot games.
    After killing him once and reviving him he started to move as if someone had picked up the controller. (He started actively dodging me)
    After which I conveniently was lagged out of the game. Thanks P2P! You give people the option to control other people's connections. C:
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