Hey guys, I know we've been playing for a couple weeks now. I've been able to play with a variety of heroes online and work up my favorite to a almost a Rep 5 at the moment. Below are what I have to be the good, the bad, and the UGLY in this game.

The Good:
-Gameplay (some of it) = I love the fact that this isn't just another button mashing fighter or a "hop around and shoot people" online FPS game. There is actually a bit of strategy and definitely technique needed to succeed in this game. And playing different heroes can lead to difference styles of gameplay, and in some cases different styles of play are needed. The controls are not intuitive, but once you get them down, winning feels pretty rewarding.

-Graphics. This look great on the PS4. The heroes and maps look very good.

-Vikings, Knight, and Samurai, I mean come on, they are all so cool.

-It's fun, for awhile.

The Bad:
-Gear/customization. I'm just not a fan of the system at all. I like to be able to customize the actual look and size of my character. Unlocking colors seems ridiculous. Unlocking only color schemes is even more ridiculous. Oh, and you're always blue anyway. More customization is ALWAYS a good thing.

-Lack of game modes. Even after just 2 weeks, the current game modes are getting stale.

-Single player mode. One of the worst ever? It just felt thrown together as an advanced tutorial for you to try out each hero before going online.

-Peer to peer. ABSOLUTELY AWFUL. It takes a long time to wait for players, waiting for loading, then you play a game, get almost to the end, someone drops out and ERROR. You just wasted 15 minutes of your life. Unacceptable in today's world of gaming! And shame on you slackers with crappy internet!

-Friendly fire. I understand that people and the devs wanted a certain amount of realism. But when playing a skirmish or dominion, getting hacked and having attacks (especially the kill shot) continuously interrupted by your teammates is BEYOND FRUSTRATING.