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    Bug or always online DRM?

    Hi there,

    After alot of reading and researching on numerous forums it seems I am none the wiser. Alot of people have had problems with bugs in this game. Personally I rather like MMX, which is why I even bother writing here. Its the bugs that mar the game, not the game itself that is the bother, I think.

    One thing in particular I am wondering about and perhaps someone else has a theory regarding it...

    There is well known issue with a character called Lev and an option being greyed out. A game breaker. This can be tweaked if you know how but it may lead to other glitches later on. I did not have this issue since I was online while playing and this made very suspicious. Is this some sort of leftover from Early Access or is it an additional layer of DRM, even as Ubisoft claims all you need is a one time activiation? Anyone care to elaborate on this mystery? Copy protection in game even if you registered a legit game to Uplay? No?

    I have spoken to a game developer and just tossed him the idea of a community/optimization patch for MMX. Its very "Doable" according to this guy - just takes time and will, which he personally does not have right now. Thought this was very positive for all those who may be looking forward to a community effort in the future. All is not dark. This and the glitches that still remain in MMX to this day unfortunately tells something else about the developer and the publisher for this game. It did not have to be this way. Bad business practices.

    Still like MMX alot. But about Lev and his griffins - DRM or bug?

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    I think it is DRM. One time when the servers were down I was unable to save the game.
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