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    When the game starts running in SUPER SLO MO mode...

    ...does that mean *I* am lagging or is my opponent? (happens in all formats but let's assume Duel)

    And is this a lag issue or a GPU/CPU issue?

    I have a decent computer and Yellow NAT (I've tried everything to get green, don't bother)

    When I ask my opponent about this, they usually say that everything feels fine to them.

    I just want to understand why it feels like I'm playing underwater half the time. Thanks.
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    This happens on PS4 too. Most matches feel fine but then I sometimes get matches where I'm moving slower than normal. It doesn't really affect the fight because I've never been overwhelmed by an abnormally fast opponent when it happens. I think it's just general latency.
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    This is one thing I don't understand. It doesn't seem like a normal frame drop due to the game asking to much of the system (I'm on Xbone). If it was it I would think it would be more stuttery and jerky, rather than it look like your character is moving through water.
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    And attacking like a sloth.

    It is not lag based, because it happens in local bot-matches as well.
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