Hello Ghosts,

Three weeks ago, we had the great pleasure to invite many of you to be part of our Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Closed Beta.

During those four days, we received a great number of comments and highly valuable feedback and started working to address it directly. In addition to your input, we keep improving the game and implementing changes to improve your experience.

Below is an overview of the improvements available in this open beta. This list is, of course, non-exhaustive, but you will be able to see the changes yourself in-game starting on Thursday!

The final version of the game, available on March 7, will include a lot more improvements and fixes. This open beta is another step in this direction, and we invite you to check the known issues of this build available on our official forums.

For more information about the open beta, check out our official article here.

1. PC Version

We’ve made a great number of improvements to the PC version of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands since the closed beta. We are working closely with our partners to complete the final enhancements for the release of the game.

First, we tackled all the issues that prevented some players from enjoying the game during the closed beta. We also included improvements on both the performance and stability sides.

- Some examples of fixed issues :
o Unable to launch the game: “Your graphics card does not support DirectX 11 features."
o Unable to launch the game: “Your graphics card does not have enough video memory.”
o Adaptive V-Sync support.
o Introduction videos now skippable after first boot.
o Added Ultra preset in the game.
o And more.

For more information about the PC version, please check our dedicated FAQ available here.

2. Gameplay and Missions

Of course, we have also been working hard to keep improving the core gameplay experience of the game, especially during missions – main or secondary – that were blocking the progression of the players in the province of Itacua.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of fixed issues:
- Santa Blanca choppers never face the players.
- Unable to revive teammate after killing all enemies.
- Unable to access a vehicle that’s leaning on a ledge.
- Target or VIP is not present.
- Extensive drone cooldown after respawn.
- Yuri and Polito behavior during fight and animations.
- GPS location of convoys.
- And more.

3. Co-op and Connectivity
Another critical aspect of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is the co-op and the possibility at any moment to play solo or with your friends seamlessly. More than half of the players of the closed beta played in co-op, and we were able to document a real interest for this experience.

We were able to fix some connectivity issues affecting players who were unable to join their friends or use matchmaking.

This includes, for instance:
- Sync of missions during co-op among all players.
- Improved replication, especially related to vehicles, enemies, and drones.
- Improved host migration feature.
- Fixed animations after death of player.
- And more.

If you still are experiencing issues on PC during this open beta, we highly recommend you check out the connectivity-troubleshooting guide here.

4. Difficulty

The difficulty has been tweaked and improved to offer players a real challenge, especially at the highest difficulty levels.
- Removed “enemies areas” in mini-map in Extreme difficulty mode.
- Improved difficulty balancing for AI and missions.
- Improved stealth break situations.
- And more.

5. Others

We’ve also worked on various other topics to offer the best experience to all players during this open beta. For example, improvements have been made to the animations (for instance, on the cover), various glitches or sound issues have been fixed, and more.

We are extremely excited to show you the final result of our work with the release of the game on March 7!

Thank you again for your support, Ghosts!