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    Please remaster 🙏🏻

    Please please please remaster this game, it was so much fun
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    This is hands down one of the best if not the best strategy game for console. They keep making civilization games but no new endear? A remaster would have mother cult following as the 1st did
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    Ubisoft Shanghai I would like to tell you that I really thank you from the bottom of my heart for TOM CLANCY’S ENDWAR creation that game delivered to me one of the most beautiful moments of my life and that due to you ! No doubt that as you have done it before it is absolutely nothing to you to create ENDWAR 2 or at least ENDWAR REMASTERED FOR PLAY STATION 4 PRO ! Billions of thanks and we are enthusiastically waiting 😊
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    Yes please

    would love to see a remaster or sequel or revival of this game.

    Voice commands were ahead of their time. This game resolved a lot of the major control grievances of counsel-based RTS games, while adding components other games dont have.

    Truly unique. Very enjoyable.
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    end war is a game unique, i hope it return, i don't care if i will to pay as monthly to play
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