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    Something is just off

    I went to my local Fry's, bought the last remaining remaining copy of FH they had to my surprise, and went home to play it on a rainy day expecting to have a blast. My friend introduced me to the beta and we played it like a ritual, but now I see why he hasn't bought the full version yet and I made the mistake of giving in first. For a 59.99 Price tag this game is nowhere near worth the price.

    First is cosmetics. Basically most of these go to the players who took the opportunity to pay 99.99 for the deluxe blah blah and get the extra animations and ornaments before everyone else. Big Whoop. The problem I am seeing here is the microtransactions this company is trying to make people pay to get these things with no incentive or opportunity to work for these things. And even if you did want to earn all your steel, prices for appearance and such are absurd. 7000 steel for an execution when I'm only earning like 20 steel a game? no thanks.

    Contracts/Orders: These quests are pretty simple, but terribly monotonous and dull in that they force you to play modes you'd otherwise kill yourself before playing. I hate playing against the AI, but the orders insist I do.

    Modes: For me, and I'm sure other players feel, the only playable and skill-based modes with competent players play duel and brawl. This is just my opinion, but elimination and Dominion are complete ****. going between brawl and elimination is a completely different experience as in brawl you have people who actually enjoy genuine faceoffs and in elimination, as soon as you are squared up with your enemy they will completely turn their back to you, run for a buff, and then come back to fight you. It pisses me off when I'm forced to run from 4 people who are all trying to gang-rape me with their swords just for a cheap victory. I used to love dominion too. But sadly both of these modes have been taken over by players who play all day and are already gear level 108 and just wait for revenge. Gear needs to go. you can keep revenge, but when you have a stat that boosts something already broken, that is what creates something OP.

    Gameplay: It's a little sad when you're a
    gear level 108 rep 3 orochi and you get destroyed by a level 8 gear level 5 Kensei. (me lol). I feel like some of these people who pour hours into this game to get prestiged and heroic gear are the players who are the worst at the game. They feel good because they get 2 blocks in a 2v1 encounter and instantly get revenge, and then spam light attacks to secure their kills. The devs didn't think this through, as gear is
    determining some of these players' kills rather than using their own skills. Going into the heroes, there is no reason to play heroes other than peacekeeper, orochi, warden, and nibushi. It tears me up inside when I fight peacekeepers who spam light attacks left, right, and up. If you are playing any other character that can't sidestep you are forced to sit there and block and parry all of her attacks, otherwise if you try to attack her, her light attack will just hit you mid attack and the cycle continues till you are dead making it a frustrating and boring match. I laugh when I roflstomp these people. Good orochis are cool to fight, but you slowly start asking yourself why they get to have a free 2piece upperlight attack or a free top heavy after a GB (No other hero can do this). For his speed and the sheer damage he can do, if you don't know how to parry, just consider it an L. No reason to play Raider, Valk, LB, Berzerk, or any other character unless you just want to have fun. Shugoki could maybe use some tweaking too. The only player I have rep 1'd so far is the Lawbringer, who probably needs a complete overhaul to his kit as his shove combos are boring, easy to avoid, and slow. This character is just a complete slug and there is no reason to use him offensively.

    In conclusion, I just feel like I was gyped from my money and I'm still playing the beta. I think it's too late to get a refund, so I'll have some hope and give FH another month until I just pass it on to another poor soul at Gamestop. As many say, this is an amazing concept, but it was poorly executed. sorry for the wall, someone try to TL;DR this
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    10 commandments all on one stone tablet

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    lol not sure where you saw that but I don't know what that means. kinda new to the forums
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