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    Heavy attack not working in guard mode

    I am using a wired xbox 360 controller and sometimes cant heavy attack in guard mode, which also means i cant parry aswell, all my drivers are up to date, is this a known bug and is there a fix?
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    I actually had this happen to me once with my xbone controller. It got disconnected mid-game because I pulled the wire with my feet by accident. After plugging it back in I was no longer able to Use two triggers at the same time.
    This is because the way controller scheme's work. Triggers can work on an axis.
    For a more technical explanation:
    The trigger axis is at 50 by default, using for example the left trigger it'll be reduced to 0 thus the game recognizes that you have pulled your left trigger. left trigger is basically a value of -0 to -50.
    The right trigger can add to the value up to 100 which in turn lets the game see you're pulling the right trigger. The value for the right trigger would be +0 to +50.
    With this logic, if you have both triggers at the same time it would be 50-50+50 which adds up to 50. Thus neither trigger would be recognized.

    The only thing that worked for me is leaving the game and restarting the game. Make sure the connection of your controller is stable.
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