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    We want dedicated servers

    Dear Ubisoft,

    The year is 2017; your P2P networking algorithm for client hosted games is utter garbage. When are you going to release a polished game instead of using release versions essentially as beta tests? Learn from the real game developers out there and don't release unfinished games. It's time for dedicated servers so we don't have to spend 3 hours looking for one match with a good connection.


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    And you are not going to get them.

    Stop buying ubisoft **** hoping they are going to fix anything.
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    I have to agree

    Besides the players who are DDoS'ng everyone even during matches, causing both lag spikes and disconnects and the overall inconsistency in combat response time, P2P isnt working. I really enjoyed 4Honor when it was in beta, now Im already thinking of stopping playing. Ive gotten to where I don't even finish matches if my connection is trash. Not to mention, the rampant hack programs that allow for users to modify which hacks they want enabled. How do you know who is a legit player anymore? EAC has been bypassed so many times it's just not effective anymore. I stopped supporting UBI Soft years ago, thought this was the game they would bring some good stuff back to their name with. Lesson learned.
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