I have submitted a support ticket.
Case # 04397390

I feel like it is just being swept under the rug.

Like many others, I am getting the EAC 006000043 error when trying to play multiplayer.

The day before I started receiving this error, I had tried remapping my xbox one controller buttons with the program called xpadder. Tested it in practice mode for not even one minute and then switched it back off when I realized it didn't work right. I was trying to swap my LB and A button so I could dash with LB and still have my thumb on my right stick.

I've removed it from my computer but it did not help with the EAC error code.

I bought the $100 Gold Edition and spent $20 in game on steel purchase, and now I cannot play.

Please solve this guys, I wasn't cheating.
I'm losing champion status time