Okay i have completed all of my orders in for honor and non have reset is there any other way which will help me get more xp as i am trying to get my guy a really high rep im currently rep 1 level 7 for the warden and i want some other ways i can get more xp as all of my orders have been completed and when will they be reset so i can start completing orders again and does anyone want to team or is there any for honor clans out there who will let me join them my stats are

Warden:Rep 1 level 7

22 defense i think its defense anyway and 17 attack with overall of 39

the abilities i use are: Conqueror, Thick blood, second wind and morale Boosters

My stats for the warden are

Deathmatch mode 87.50% win ratio with overall k/d of 2.68

Objective Modes 63.64% win ratio with a 1.10 k/d

Dual Modes 57.14 win ratio with a 1.24 k/d

Overall stats are

K/D of 1.54
68% win/loss ratio
15 hours and 39 minutes played
Faction is Knights but willing to change within 8 days

I can use other characters but im not very good with them as i dont know there move set but a character i am dece with other then warden is the assassin BUT my best character is my warden and i have techniques where i can quickly defeat players or get them on very low health