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    Originally Posted by Mad4Gelo Go to original post
    Oh so pro.
    Bet you main either Warden or Orochi
    What does it matter what he plays? Are you saying that playing as a Wardeon or Orochi requries less skill? Or that they are so much better that they make other classes useless? Either way you are a salty scrub.
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    Originally Posted by Cyricke Go to original post
    You think the guys who only stand still and react to offense looking to parry sacrificing nothing themselves should be able to use parry and get a free heavy on the player taking the risk of initiating the fight?

    You're too far gone dude.

    This game needs to take away punishing the player who is actually trying to play the game aka initiating the offense between you two. If you can, Evade, Block, Parry, or GB a gap closing offensive player, why would a tryhard ever choose offense over defense? They won't. This game completely caters to guys willing to stand still and do nothing but react as evidenced by the numerous defensive tools I previously mentioned. On the other hand, offensive minded players have no counters to turtles. A turtle abusing defense will win a round before the best feint abusing offense, 9/10 times.

    Parry needs to go. Or game can just be turtle paradise n die.
    Promise, i'm not trying to argue with you...just clarifying for the sake of understanding. Isn't bash/push the counter to guard/parry??

    The way I understand it:

    Offense = attack
    Block = counter to offense
    Parry = retaliation to successful blocked attack
    Bash = counter to blocking

    In conjunction, it's like a giant game of rock/paper/scissors. If someone is "turtling" as you say, why not bash them to open them up to more offense? There are a lot of switch-up attacks that incorporate bashes into the combo. I find these best to open up a very defensive player.

    Also, mode would matter a lot in this discussion. Are we speaking from a 1v1 duel standpoint? Because obviously in the bigger modes a lot of this goes out the window considering how gang-banging (2-3 on 1) seems to be the "go-to" engagements within dominion and deathmatch lol.
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