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    Ubi! Please make skirmish/elimination like brawl/duel


    Make this a selected option. I cant tell you the amount of games I get thrown into that are skirmish and im like hmmm I guess I'll play this game. Others join in too (cause previous part left cause no one enjoys skirmish), these new players that just joined in....leave, causing the game to go through the endless 'finding new host' screen until it eventually crashes.

    Or....another option! You can just remove it from the game.

    Seriously what are the statistics of people who leave skirmish games?
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    Seriously I think they are trying to push skirmish and get people used to it and hope that if it's forced we will eventually enjoy it. Or at the very least not hate it.
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    They just need to make Orders for skirmish. It is not about the game type being bad. It's about players doing orders for elimination.
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    It's a constant problem all the time when trying to complete orders..... go into what you think is an elimination game to go and browse the net while waiting to come back and find it's suddenly skirmish... and then everyone leaves... coz they didn't come here for that.

    Why lump the two together when they are very different in terms of the outcomes of orders?

    Bad idea.
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    This is so annoying, so far today, I have queued up for Elimation as prefered 10 times. 8 of those 10 games has been skirmishes, and the two Elimation games has been in round 3 and 4 when I have joined.

    Not only does that make it really frustrating and time consuming to try and complete any elimation order, but skirmish is also the worst mode by far.
    It's so bad it's actually unplayable.
    Had it been Duel and Brawl that had a shared queue, it would have been somewhat ok as it's at least playable.

    Please, please do something about this, it is really ruining the game for me - and probably lots of others as well.
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    Yes, please, separate them! Also, please makke AI matchmaking much shorter. If it starts to take long, just put me alone there with bots. That's what they're for.
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    I thought recalled seeing somewhere one of the moderators saying this was passed on to the devs, but I can't find it now. So I'll add my 2 cents and say I agree, Elimination and Skirmish need to be separate select-able match types, especially for the purpose of trying to fulfill orders that apply only to elimination matches.
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    I wonder if a lot of people don't know that you can put the heart on elimination and the ..... wonderful matchmaking will TRY to put you in elimination, for the second game after your skirmish battle you need to map select. Their will be at least 1 map with elimination , if only one person votes and it's the elimination map or the most votes are the elimination map that is what you will battle it out at.

    Hope this helps someone for now .
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