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    "no honor among thieves"

    Good morning,
    once again i find myself in between a little personal and ethical war and I am grateful that a videogame can do such a thing.
    I ll start saying that imo there is a clear reason why the devs gave us the 1 v 1, 2 v 2 and 4 v 4.
    1 v 1 is the most personal game mode you can find, and one of the most exciting ever in a game. You and your faceless opponent, a tiny piece of grass and big weapons colliding. After a short phase were the braves warriors study each other, sparks and blood are the guest of this fight. Successful high guard strong blow and gg, we got a winner. Honor to both!
    Now if I do want to get a bit more messy i can go for a 2 v 2. The story should be like above, just a great fight and lot of honor for them right? NO!
    For same weird reason this is going to be the hardest fight of your knight career. The match start and you are already bashing that harden steel helm of that giant viking in front of you, he miss a shot and you punish him hard, execute him and is another easy GG, or not?!
    It is not, remember is a 2 v 2, your partner and that scary japanese war machine are still fighting. Well is a deadly competition among 4 brutal warriors, I am not going ro stay here right behind the fight and watch, watch my partner getting smashed, watching him getting thrown like a potato bag everywhere, he might as well; fell down from that pit (engineer why did you put that endless pit in my castle?!). No! Not if i can still fight, not if i am still standing... and so with no fear I charge, screaming and shacking, I catch the opponent from the back, he s in panic i can see, he can t parry or dodge neither my or my partner blows, he's doomed.
    And there you go the match is won, the chat is on fire and my soul will not find rest even today, we won the battle but at which cost?
    In the end is always there the question, should we 1 v 1 always no matter what? so why implementing a 2 v 2 or a 4 v 4? You give me the chance to have a numerical advantage and so i will use it!
    You keep writing: "fight with honor, fight 1 v 1"... and I will always answer: "there is no honor among thieves"
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    That's why I barely never play anything else than 1v1.Would be fun to sit and watch what will happen when ranked drops.Will anyody remember that they can fight,between the screams of those that get throw out of ledges and the gankers?Time will tell,but I yet know the answer.
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