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    Request for an Immersive Game ! Please !

    Hi !

    Congratulations for this game ! For this good game !

    But some little things ruin my experience !

    Can you please create options for :

    - Remove blue/orange line gps on the road ! (Only need blue line on minimap, Not on the road !! )

    - Create an bonnet View on the vehicule for more immersive drive ...

    - Need adjust Fov on vehicle

    - Create a good 1st person view with motorbike (and ajust fov of this view in options ...)

    - Remove crosshair when we drive vehicle

    Thanks a lot , but i hope play this game with this immersive options ...

    Please i wait .... i wait your help for continue my game ....
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    UbiPhobos's Avatar Community Manager
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    Nov 2016
    Hi Meplay787!

    Glad to hear you enjoy the game! Thanks for providing these feedback details. We can share them along!
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    Thank you !

    I wait hopefully ...
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    Good idea about the fov. It will also increase performance.
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    Always nothing ...

    Please can you at least create an option for activate/desactivate the blue gps line on the road ?

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    any news's ?

    How can we remove this blue arrow on the road ??
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    The purple line on the road is the most annoying. It changes all the time. Please create an option to disable
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