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    G2's are great. Its my favorite plane, but its not uber like some say. Its all about the pilot.
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    I dunno, I like the G-2, but if I fly a Luft bird it's either the 190 A-8 or Bf-109 E's or F's. I just like the way they handle more. Chances are, however, that you'll find me more often in a Yak-1b or P-40.

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    I'm a bit of a G2 fan.
    109's and 110's.

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    When I have to fly a Lufty plane, it`s always the G2... Why? It`s easy to fly. It also turns surprisingly easily. I can gets kills with it. No other aircraft on the LW plane apart from the B239 do i find as easy to pick and go. It`s like a weird kind of Spitfire... and that`s where my gripe comes in.

    The damn thing turns way too well. Everytime I chase a Spit into a turn I can`t help but get that `This G2 shouldn`t be turning THIS well` feeling. I NEVER feel like that with the B239. I do think it`s the noob plane for non- LW flyers. It feels like a `concession` aircraft, a 109 that`s actually easy to fly!

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    the G2 is great ,i love it
    but still dont be surprised that a spitfire,P40 any Yak ,laGG,La can outturn you they CAN ,heck whenever i fly allied in early war (not much)
    i have no problem turn fighting G2s ,the P40 beats it hands down in a sustained turn

    G2 turns well though but its far from being uber but yes its easy to fly compared to a FW190
    maybe it turns a bit to well but hey then so does the P40/P39


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    G-2s are cool, tis my 109 of choice. If I am flying Blue, you will more than likely see me in a G-2 with a big 500kg bomb travelling to the nearest red airbase for some vulching!!!

    whit ye looking at, ya big jessie?!?!

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    It's ok


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    Bf-109G-2 is one of my favourites, although I tend not to turn and burn in any of the 109s. Much better to dive a few thousand feet, make a nice slashing attack and either zoom away or dive and hedgehop out of trouble in my experience. In Il-2 the G-2 won in my opinion as the best aircraft of the lot; in FB I think it's a toss-up between that and the G-6 variants (firepower with enough manoeuvrability to make it count!)
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    The G2 is a good plane, but it lacks the firepower of the later G series.

    I am not a great marksman, so a 30mm is an essential part of my game.
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    I like the E-4, old school baby! Though g-2 is more handy when you need it to be.
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