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    Peacekeeper and Noobushi do not need a buff and MM is trash.

    First off, I play a Lawbringer, all day. Before you say, something ******ed, like, "Git gud," Or something just as dumb, just know I Sh*t on both of those classes, daily with a 4.1kd. No A.I. play. However, I have friends who love certain classes, but get destroyed by the PK and the Noobushi. They are great players as well, but when you have a trash connection, the game can't keep up with your lag and you get spam f**ked by the animation stab, while getting poisoned. Their is no diversity in PvP. Their are at least 2-3 in every game I join. PK's aren't hard to play, whatsoever, but yeah let's fix their, "Under powered," bleed and their 20ft lunge, for the cry baby's character, who have a false sense of skill, just because it says , "Hard," next to the difficulty level. Noobushi is broke and hits too hard. The game is broken. I'm having fun with it, but if these bull *hit super fast classes, get a buff, I'll be getting a refund. Sorry, but I will not play with the Dark Souls scrubs, that always jump to the meta build, parry you while naked and one shot you, in pvp. No thanks.
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    mad cuz bad. git gud
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    to bad you literally wont get a refund since you play it so much, i love these "refund" posts.
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