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    At http://www.dynabyte.nl

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    At http://www.dynabyte.nl

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    I know the AEP is the Aces Expansion Pack... but whats the EAP?

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    Okay, so I posted this before I had my coffee this morning.

    It happens.
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    is it on the shelves ore is that what they say on the website ?

    heb namelijk niet zo een goed vertrouwen met
    release dates van Dynabite

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    Is it out?? *cheering* Finally...in the Netherlands we always get stuff last in row...

    and for the dutch folks here: als je een kortingskaart heb van Dynabyte krijg je wel 1 hele euro korting

    Dynabyte is quite a good shop, but the prices are often high..but not higher than Bart Smit or Dixons...damn those guys rip you off...


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    I did a pre-order and the price was 21,50 Euro when you pre-order.

    Now it's set to 24,95 so it's a 3,45 Euro discount.
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    no, is not on the shelves ... yet. I have checked e-plaza,media,bart smit,niks,nada,leeg.
    The guy at the e-plaza told me that it will happen this weekend altthough the game is well there.Raar,eh?

    Zayets out
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    You cannot place it on the shelves prematurly. even if they have dozens of crates with the product. If you realease it prematurely, you can get a high fine. (boete) Anyways, I pre-ordered (and allready paid) my copy at www.proxis.nl and so, I hope it'll be delivered on time.

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    I saw the AEP cd's in a box under the counter but they said they didn't have it yet.

    As for the fine for releasing it early, must be a European thing then because it was in the stores in the US on March the 3rd while the official release date was set to March the 5th.
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