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    I'm glad i still didn't find any cheater, is good to live in my region
    I finding hackers every match, that is not fair! And i met specific hacker, which nickname is Armoriel. He uses type of hacks, whick allows you to controll ur ping how you want. So his attacks goese MOMENTALY. I mean no animation of start! It's comes up when it's hitting me. Like gb, he uses gb, bcz he knows, that it's MOMENTALY, and it's without start animation too, animation of gb comes up, when you already can't counter gb! How do i report him not in game, but to ubis?
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    Yeah cheat them out of for honor. I like the decisions.

    Even though I still get time penalty for not playing during a match. I have kids. Kids for some reason we'll be fine and innocent when I'm doing anything but playing my game I could be on the other end of the house they're totally trustworthy still check up on them but if I sit down to play my game well that's when they decide to come up with an idea to go get the step stool out of the closet and then go make their way to the silverware drawer and start pulling out knives.

    Or battery goes dead in controller. Or nature calls and I don't want to prairie dog a round.

    But still afk farming is no excuse. As well they guy that quit afk farming after warning and still got a punishment.

    Th as fooked up. I disagree with that strongly.
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    One thing I find funny. Ubisoft and its employees must communicate in a professional manner.

    Meaning they don't ever go into grave detail unless its warranted, or unless too much detail is counter productive.

    You all seem to miss their words because they don't use common speak.

    I'm not kissing ***. Just making a point. So you guys know they can't give full disclosure.

    I love especially when a player freaks the **** out over a problem. And the ubisoft employee responds with. "What would be helpful is (insert subject matter here- example. A recording of said problem)

    Another thing. If you have problems... Get dvr of in game recordings and (or) pictures.

    I can't tell you how often I see a ubisoft member respond with THAT to a beligerant player.
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    1 hit kill

    So about cheats or haks, not once but many times i got executet from full hp! How is it possible? I reported but nothing, same players stil continued. And also i got like many times easy anti cheat for nothing! please solve this!
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    Uchiha clan uses hacks and exploits

    Watch for them red top white circle bottom was just in game with darkshadow and he was useing block hack dont trust them or the orange 4 star dragon ball clan
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    Thats cause its not a rwal player reply its there ******** automated system replying
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    Valk i got that the last 5 games by a PK and Orochi they made game garbage after last patch
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    Dear Ubisoft, can we expect a little report about how many cheaters was banned from the beggining of that witchhunt?
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    cheating-and something else

    I am getting very tired of how many people have started cheating in this game that only says AFK if you want this game to be a solo game just do it then instead of letting everyone cheat I have surely sent report to you in the game 200 times now and nothing happens. because i see them in the game so why should I report them as you ask us to do when you still do not remove those from the game that are cheating and it only ruins all other players who can not finish and just leave the group after the other three just stand AFK !!!
    I think you should include in the game so that you can remove people from the group to block players so you may not be able to get into such groups that just boast say cheating then they think they are good because they have high lvl so ridiculously

    Then one thing to computer players, I think it's terribly expensive that they can do as many attacks as possible and gartbreck anyway, they can not get into them sometimes and attacks that you only can do if they hit them but they can make that attack several times in a row so why can not I do as much as they can ?? I have been training a lot with some Characters and I have failed to do the way the computer does or is it a scripture wrong you have on the game that they can do things we can not do and I do not know how often I have tried gartbreck them and it just can not be ...

    will it continue like this i hope i can get back all the money i put on this game on things because now i'm tired of how much things do not work properly.
    excuse my bad English!!

    Here are some pitchures of pepole ive reportet to you about cheating.
    and I will continue to post them I also report the same person and I meet them again after some day or so!!
    so I hope you do your job to help so we who want to play this and spend time can do it
    Or do you intend to let the game die completely before you realized that you might have done something and listened to your players..
    insert so that you can block people alike to vote for people from the group who nevertheless only ruin for other players
    then you will see that many of them will disappear and it will be more fun for us real players who spend time on this..

    and one thing to lower the prices of things in the game with is ridiculously expensive otherwise raise so you get more for every round you get so you do not have to last for several months to buy 1 item..

    and do more events so you can get great things or things that motivate players to play









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