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    It's important to understand that cheaters don't care about being good, they just want the easy way out, and this mentality probably translate into their real life. (Which is sad really) That being said, if you use their mentality againt them you could easily figure out where they would tend to "hang out" in a games like For Honor.

    Which types of game the autoblock hack is most revelant/powerful? You have guess it, it's DUELS! You can win consistently in duels with autoblock but not in games like, dominion for example. Simply because there is ganging up going on and "snowball victories". The autoblock hack is clearly less effective in 2v2(brawl), 2v1, 3v1 and 4v1. This is why I started avoiding duels most of the time. I mean I can't prove anything but some players I fought were pretty godly at blocking and parrying. I report those players, if they have nothing to hide, then they have nothing to hide.

    So if you want to avoid the cesspool that are cheaters, I would suggest not doing too much duels because I am convince this is where they gravite to...
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    This is the only undetected hack released for the game, the problem is they can't detect it, so the games DEAD on the PC

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    Suggestion to ubisoft

    STOP BEING CHEAP! Spend the money to make this game work properly or just stop trying and give us back our money. Literally, you are just blowing smoke at this point. EVERYTHING you have said, you guys already said over the last two games you produced. TD and RS both have hackers still in game. Not just a few, a **** ton. So what could you have possibly learned? How to talk sweetly so no one will call you on your craptalk? I have a degree in programming and game design, and seriously, I could do this job better than you guys have. It is not NOT hard to run a debugger and troubleshooting line. I did it for a living for a long time.

    You know what UBISOFT... Give me a damn job. Let me work this cheating garbage out for you. You will have your solution in ONE MONTH or TWO TOPS. Yes, that is a guarantee!
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    Originally Posted by LookOutBelow89 Go to original post
    This is the only undetected hack released for the game, the problem is they can't detect it, so the games DEAD on the PC

    Actually if you watch the video at the anti cheat website of the company Ubi is using, from what I could understand they could probably detect this hack.
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    I would seriously advise checking your wording if you want to assure people. This quote here:

    "Those tools have already been used since our betas to identify and sanction cheaters in For Honor."

    Sanction -

    1. authoritative permission or approval, as for an action.
    2. something that serves to support an action, condition, etc.


    In other words you just said you support and approve of cheaters. I will be entirely honest, for those who have been playing the game daily since the release of the game the words of "were fixing," "were doing this/that" have become stale words as the errors you say your fixing take a good while for you to actually fix. I have heard that you need permission to put in changes for games on networks such as Sony or Microsoft, and this I understand, however, as this is, from what I've found, to ensure changes do not break the game or do something that probably could cause problems, ironically you already pretty much left problems in the game. Be honest and let Sony and Microsoft know you messed up your own game and need to fix it. This whole go around of telling people that the game's "fine" but we need to improve the game is crap. Tell people the truth, you released a game you should've checked and fixed errors before releasing on and now your in need of fixing the mistakes you made.

    I've been told that this whole networking of players in a fight style game is new to you guys. Although, let me point out one thing, you guys made Assassin's Creed multiplayer, you've created this for a long long while. Multiplayer itself has been out for years with loads of movesets and such over the time in Assassin's Creed with other bots and players using same and different moves. This isn't too new, so hearing things from various people of Ubisoft's inexperienced or this/that is utter crap guys. You've had years of lots of games and experience of various types of games, styles, networking, gameplay, story, etc, etc.

    Point being guys it's gone on long enough with all of this. Your a grown company, and more so a huge and well known company. This is entirely embarrassing. I know at this point this is going to sound horrid but I advise to take from this post the point that something is very wrong with the handling going on by your company on these various issues and needs severe change. In a business if something is wrong and needs to change especially in a company as well known as Ubisoft you get things done, you change what needs to be changed, if someone on staff can't get it done find someone who can, if somethings wrong at the top or bottom of the ladder you find out what needs to be done to correct that problem, whatever that may be, seriously or minor.

    In this game's case this has been a blunder of extreme circumstance. I advise you learn from this experience as a company and make sure to improve so you never do this again. Public embarrassment means in this case less sales, negative reviews, and more and more trouble the longer the problem continues. I know you guys can do it, the question is, will you as a company do it. You make amazingly detailed games, put a lot of time into them, do very good work, don't mess up now when you've come so far.
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    Well then kick people offline for boosting in the morning hours

    Originally Posted by SpaceElephant Go to original post
    Hi guys, we thought it would be useful to post what we want to do to make sure we keep a sane competitive environment. Cheating is as important for us as harassment or using offensive words and emblems. You shouldn't see it as a "waste of a post" but more as a commitment from the team.
    Well maybe for those who go afk from like 2am to 6am need to get kicked offline, tons of people are boosting at those times. I work 3rd shift and get home and in AI games people are afk and it keeps them in the lobby. I MEAN COMMON!!!!!!!! It's nearly impossible to get orders completed or get any wins because you have 2 or 3 players afk. It also results in long matchmaking times because you have to exit the lobby and find a new one in hopes of having actual players. I would totally enjoy have AI on my team vs people boosting. There should be an easy fix to this. I mean... for real if i see this happening for more than a week longer and you guys haven't fixed this I am going to be salty.
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    Originally Posted by thebluntandonly Go to original post
    I would totally enjoy have AI on my team vs people boosting. There should be an easy fix to this.
    well then just turn matchmaking off in the settings. problem solved
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    How about before fighting cheating you get EAC to work and not randomly crash of kick random people
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    For honor cheater?

    can Kensai do perma unstoppable? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PDI47HhE1w
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    I have been AFK sometimes in some games because you cannot be always in front of your computer when you are an adult (wife/husband, children, calls, etc.).

    I got a warning message on march 8th (I did not know that being afk was a punishment) and after that date, I stopped being AFK (I disconnect of the game if it is not possible to continue playing).

    I received a temporary ban on March 10th without being afk anymore, which it does not have any sense. If you send a message with a warning and the user stop doing it, how does Ubisoft send another message with a temp ban??? I wonder how Ubisoft manages users accounts. It is supposed that they temp/perma ban users if they continue afk, etc. but they are not following their own rules.

    They should learn from other games, such as LOL, in which if you are afk you are disconnected from the game and received a time penalty for the next match, not a ban for a $120 game.
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