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    PC Technical Bug

    Guess I'll post here as there is no Technical Support subforum for For Honor.

    Whenever I start up my game my framerate hovers around 50-55fps and it causes hitching and frame pacing issues. I found the fix to this through a random The Division bug fix in which you need to switch off access to a single CPU core for the game. After doing so I get a flawless 60fps. I have checked my drivers and whatnot so I am unsure why this is occurring.

    In case anyone else is having this issue, I will list the steps you need to take EVERY TIME you launch the game (note: I am running Windows 10 and don't know if this is available/works on other versions of the OS)

    1. Launch For Honor
    2. Open Task Manager
    3. Go to the Details tab (if you don't have this option click the more details button)
    4. Right Click For Honor
    5. Set Affinity
    6. Uncheck the final core on the list (for me its core 7)
    7. Enjoy better framerates (won't work for everyone but at least you tried).
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    Hi Crusaderofni,

    Thanks for posting a suggestion for the framerate issue.

    We do have a Community Support forum here http://forums.ubi.com/forumdisplay.p...munity-Support
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