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    How does someone counter a guard break even when I landed my guard break?

    So a few a friend told me, its about guessing only to get a good counter guard break but how can someone counter my guard break so often, I changed my pattern so they wouldn't guess it right but they still do counter

    Also how can they counter my guard break if I landed it already? Anyone here whos good at guard break, want to tell me more about this.

    I would love to know how "Countering" guard break actually work

    Cus I feel as if I learn how to do this Counter guard break decently I can beat anyone in a 1v1 match, but that is the only part I suck at because I don't understand it. Practicing it doesn't really help me cus I actually need an explanation to it
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    Teching a guard break works like this: Player 1 presses the guard break button, provided he isn't interrupted by an attack, the guard break lands. It's at the point that their character makes contact (or a fraction of a second after) that player 2 must press the guard break button to cancel the opponents. Whether or not you see it coming, if you react quick enough you can stop every guard break. Exception being guard breaks immediately after a parry.
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