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    Conqueror cant kill peacekeeper?

    Conqueror is the only hero (i think?) that cant get an execute with a guard break against an enemy with that one bar of hp. How do you kill a PK that keeps rolling away to refill her hp after you do a gb>heavy attack? Obviously shes rolling and running so shield bas>light doesnt work. If im just missing something help me out but i think its kind of dumb that conq can potentially never get a kill.
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    Conqueror has a hard time finishing off an enemy due to the low damage of attacks. The only attack that can finish off one bar of HP in a single hit is the charged heavy attack, but that isn't an attack you can land reliably as a finisher.

    With that said, when you are faced with an opponent that you've hit with a heavy that has a little bit of HP left, you can attempt to use the shoulder charge to cheese the stun and get in one light attack, or just go for some guard breaks if they are super defensive and hope for the best. If the opponent is running away, I will sprint after them with conqueror because the shoulder slam during the run can catch them while they're turning a corner or if they dodge too early in anticipation of the charge, and then you can hit the opponent on the ground. Usually when an opponent is regenerating and playing ultra defensive, they won't attack you while you're running at them in fear of breaking their defense.

    Ideally though, you trap your opponent in a corner or a weird spot blocked by an object (like a crate) by throwing the opponent into the corner, and you can get the heavy hit + charge combo that can't be dodged, followed by another heavy if they hit the wall or just a light attack to finish them off if you were looking to remove that single bar. Because conqueror defense is so good, you can typically back people up into corners more easily than other classes.
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    combos maybe???
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    If she's just running you can do a sprint bash/guard break mix up (unlike many other characters' spring attacks, Conq's sprint bash into heavy can finish people off), which, if you got a guard break, would kill her since her health wouldn't be fully regenerated at that point. If she just double dashes away, chase her with your own dashes and threaten dash bash/guard break mix up or just a random light. It's a huge weakness of a Conq and finishing off an opponent requires taking risks.
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    I don't really have a hard time against PK with my Conqueror. I bait them to death with my heavy attacks. I wind up, swing once as bait and then swing again as they come in for an attack. Follow that up with a shield bash or quick attack and they're at half life already. If they run just charge at them, shield bash them down and finish them with a heavy swing.
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    Thanks for the advice guys. After playing some more of this matchup ive found it comes down to their playstyle. Sometimes even if they are super defensive they will be willing to trade light attacks, and blocking attacks and throwing in some light attacks as a mix up have won me a couple games.
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