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    Realistic Mode for Ranked play ( and potentially Duels as well)

    Hear me out,

    If we are playing without UI, it makes the game a lot more difficult, and every class viable. It doesn't remove the advantages other classes have right now, or if they are broken, but it does level the playing field, and frankly make things, lets say... a lot more interesting?

    I felt that this would be the obvious for ranked play, and i could elaborate more on this, but id like to hear everyone elses opinions too.

    Try playing against bots in free mode without UI, then let me hear what you think?
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    I was thinking this too

    I thought that realistic mode would make a lot more characters viable. The only problem would be that good characters would only become better.
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    I cant disagree with you there, but thats is an internal issue that Ubisoft needs to fix; However I am speaking on the base Mechanics being more viable, which is what realistic mode would support.
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    Are you nuts? That would make assassin classes damn near impossible to fight against. Try blocking a Nobushi without knowing what directions her attacks are coming.
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    I've been asking for this since the first trailers. However, after finishing the campaign on Realistic, my fears came true. It would screw the class balance way too much. I found it fun to play the game without the UI and reading the actual animations, but the assassins just become crazy OP. And there are also many instances of overheads looking too much like side attacks... like, you can read the side, but not if it's flat or vertical, because it's coming from a diagonal. If every class had at least a weak form of full block, I guess it could work... but I'm not really asking for that. It'd be a total overhaul of the game.

    Basically, the game is fantastic, but unfortunately it was design to function competitively with the UI. Maybe next time...
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    I think this just delays the current issues.

    Yes you make it much much harder, but that just means ti'll take longer for players to learn and adapt before the game breaks. I still think it's possible to be near perfect defensively and that just ruins so much of the game. Feints cannot be safe, need to happen later, and GB's need to be a real threat.

    Chains are also still worthless.
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    competitive players thoughts on realistic mode

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    Realistic mode is a real interesting idea, as I have found myself being able to defend and block attacks while being impaired by tanks heavy attacks. I can't really see the UI, but I can see his movements and 90% percent of time tell if the attack is overhead, left or right. I easily block the attack which also allows me to gain the advantage in the deul, as I come undazed ready to land a few combos.

    To be honest, I wouldn't like to see a realistic mode in competitive play, but it would be a fun playlist to have in the game.

    I really wish Ubisoft wouldn't bundle up skirmish and elimination; if realistic mode gets added hopefully, it has its own playlist.

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    I agree that a realistic mode is really needed for multiplayer. Blocking/dodging is far too easy with the big glowing red arrow, even with feint attacks. It promotes for defensive playstyle, which makes the fights kinda boring (there's tons of videos out there where people just turtle and win fights easily). Many defensive characters are basically OP since defense is far more advantageous than offense (imo Berserker is **** tier since his attacks are stupidly easy to block/dodge)

    If this game is going to have any competitive/e-sport scene, the skill cap needs to be raised. The game also has to be less turtle-ey and boring to watch (see Street Fighter X Tekken, the game was a turtle-fest and e-sport scene died within a year).

    Some people are concern that some moves are hard to read, but that's the point of high skill cap and e-sport viability. Other competitive action/fighting games also have moves that are made to be hard to read (some are even impossible to read and you have to guess to avoid them).
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