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    Carrying in For Honor

    My friend convinced me to get this game as I prior to the release date had barely ever heard of it, let alone seen it. I am glad he did though because last night was one of my funniest gaming sessions in a long while! I decided to get the really good parts and make it into a video so that maybe other people can laugh as much as I did. I hope you guys enjoy. :-)

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    Nice that you got such a success, but...

    Mostly you were just guardbreaking + throwing people off cliffs.
    and a) any decently skilled player will either dodge or counter-guardbreak
    and b) that's a cheap strategy, just sayin'

    Now that the game is new, yeah, most ppl aren't skilled and won't dodge or counter-guardbreak, but I don't think stuff like that won't be flying for too long in the game ^^
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