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    Highest xp yield?

    What mode, AI/PvP gives the most character experience? I'm trying to rush my rep so I can start getting blue gear and I'm just curious what gives the most.
    I imagine 'real' pvp gives you more than facing against AI but AI also offers quicker games (Usually by virtue of being easier than players). So I'm not sure.

    (I apologize for the double post but General gets a lot more traffic than Game Info).
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    i'd say the best way would be Dominion with a pre-made group.

    not sure if PvP or AI.

    i've had AI dominion matches during the beta that were done within 5 minutes and they gave me about 1/3rd of a level (at levels 17-20).
    problem is if you have bad randoms, than matches gonna last 15+ minutes.

    pvp might give more points, but cant be done as fast.

    if you just want to grind, i'd go with AI as they become very predictable and dont have any team-based strategy.
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