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    Highest xp yield?

    What mode, AI/PvP gives the most character experience? I'm trying to rush my rep so I can start getting blue gear and I'm just curious what gives the most.
    I imagine 'real' pvp gives you more than facing against AI but AI also offers quicker games (Usually by virtue of being easier than players). So I'm not sure.
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    From what i've noticed, domination is the best bet for XP when facing AI. Not only are the games incredibly easy vs AI as they are objective based more than anything, but the games go by quickly. Good for farming rep IMO.

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    Skirmish can be great as well

    If you rack up a bunch of kills and revives, you get a big XP bonus based upon performance. Definetly buy champ status, totally worth it!
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    pre-made group -> Dominion vs AI

    if the group knows what to do (boosting A+C) and never loses a zone, you can finish matches within 5 minutes EASY (sometimes within 4).

    skirmish is mostly a cluster**** and not reliable enough to get fast results imo.
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