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    Servers Down? What's all this "Requirements not met"?

    Haven't been able to connect to a game for about an hour now. Getting this "Requirements not met", "Group Leader only" and "Group size x-x".

    Many others reporting the same thing. Hard resets etc etc do nothing.

    Eventually the messages seem to go away, but once you do queue up, it just errors you out anyway. Region NA.

    Always getting Matching making error (0002000115)

    NAT has always been open and green.
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    same thing here game just finished downloading for me
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    Same issue even with hard resets on xb1 and router.

    Also experiencing error code [0000000008] when I do get to matchmaking

    green NAT and ports forwarded - how did Ubi release this game to the public?
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    same god dam **** ffs i just wanted to play the god dam game is it too much to ask for
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    I'm still not able to play online since i bought it.

    I bought the game like 9 hours ago and i'm still not able to play online mode because of the "NAT". Since the first run of the game it is in red, and i cant connect to a match (error 00200115) . Didn't played online yet. I searched online for a solution and i opened multiple TPC and UDP ports and activated the "UpNp" option, but still the same, not able to coonect to a match.
    Pls fix it because i paid 60€ for this game and i wanna play it...

    Apart, I played the campaing and it's very nice ^^
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    connection error 0006000037

    It's possible than i can't finish a match 4v4 pvp because i always crash with the error 0006000037?!?! Ubisoft do somethink!!!
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    Un maldito infierno tratar de jugar

    for honor me parece un juego muy entretenido, pero la verdad es un verdadero fastidio entrar a cualquier partida multijugador, llevo todo el maldito dia tratando de jugar y no se puede, nunca se puede porque siempre salen errores y te sacan del juego, un verdadero irrespeto, porque pagamos por el juego, no es gratis, deberíamos por lo menos poder jugarlo.. pero no, lo compre desde que salio y hoy lamento haber votado mi dinero en una empresa ladrona o incompetente que no puede hacer un maldito juego sin problemas... que mierda de juego por los putos servidores

    alguien sabe si es posible iniciar una acción para que devuelvan el dinero, poque me siento frustrado, engañado y robado
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