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    Is this game high skill cap?

    I'm new to this game and I'm by no mean a good player. I keep hearing about how one can perfect his defense so he ends up never taking any damage. I know that some players are already considered like incredible players who have pretty much reached the maximum potential of their classes (this is what I heard, now is it true?), of course a few tweaks from the game devs could change up a lot of the issues, but I'm wondering, in 1vs1, just how skilled can you become? Is there an art of war to master?

    I would also like it if some experienced players could list the 1vs1 characters that have the highest skill cap, in their opinion...I heard Peacekeeper (my main) was one of the hardest to play (Fairlight_excalibur, a twitch streamer said so), but during the open beta I kept hearing how broken and easy mode the Peacekeeper is.

    Thanks for your answers!
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    It really depends.

    There's a steep entree curve where you just outright suck, though practice against ai can help this a lot. A lot of people skip practicing, so they stay here. A lot also don't look at how to improve or learn, and blame things being "OP" or "No skill".

    After that you get to the average player skill, which is the middle of the bell curve. Most players get here in time, and this is usually the point where you realize your mistakes or a skilled enemy are how you lose most fights and actively aim to improve.

    Then there's skilled players. They know their main intensively, know the match ups, and are on the far side of he bell curve. They're the ones who are the most rare.

    Last are pros, which let's just say that of you meet one and you're not one you're going to lose.

    Getting to average is pretty easy if you take the right approach(assume everything is your fault, and try to figure out how to go forward). In the beta I got a 70% winrate on two characters, which considering I never played should tell you about the average skill gain in two days.

    I'd say it's got a slightly steep entree, pretty normative average, and a moderately high skill cap unless you're a god.
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