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    Duel practice select your opponent (AI/BOT) - am i missing something?

    I know you can create a custom duel match against the AI/BOT opponent/difficulty of your choice but is there a way to do so for the 'Duel Practice' option?

    at the moment i can select the level of bot i face but i can't select the character - right now it's always Valkyrie every time i enter duel practice. Am i missing something? Is there a way to do this?

    I'd like to do it this way because the 'custom duel match' is only best of 5 (not enough time to learn your opponent's move set -for me, anyway) & plenty of 'down time' between rounds - with duel practice, as soon as you die, you immediately start again.

    Thanks in advance.

    edit - i've found the 99 round option, but my question remains - can i do the same 'quickly' under the duel practice option?
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    You see this was something I proposed in Closed Alpha. Half a year later, no change.
    I asked for a practice mode where you could quickly choose the bot and their amount, your character and then have uninterrupted practice with that bot/bots. But hey.
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    Yeah, there definitely needs to be the ability to choose both the bot level and the bot class in custom duels. So if you're struggling against a particular class you can practice against it. Well, without having to spawn in and out of practice mode to RNG until you get the class opponent you want.

    It's kind of a no-brainer really. Baffling why it's not already a feature.
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    Totally agree with you guys! We really need a feature to pick specific bot to play against. Atm takes 10min to set up right match up u want to practice -.- and RNG aint on your side.
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    Agreed, this needs to happen.
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    I was watching a player last night on youtube duel bots (truetalent), and he was somehow selecting the bot he wanted to play.

    Custom Game

    Go into the Mode menu and select 1v1.

    Now go into the Bot menu. This is where it's murky. Select the bot you want. The bot level window will highlight. Now select the bot level you want and press spacebar on keyboard (or whatever the confirm button is on controller) to confirm it. The team window will now be highlighted. You can now select the team you want the bot on. It doesn't matter as it's just the color they'll be and you'll select the other team in a moment. Now spacebar/confirm. It will now show the bot in the roster.

    Back out of the bot menu and hit launch. When the team select window comes up, select the opposite team from the bot.


    You have to do this every time you want to practice duel a bot in Custom Game. Every time the Custom match ends it will reset everything, including the game mode (which resets to Dominion I think). It's a PITA and could be much easier. It's poor UI design.

    If you want to just practice for a long time against one particular class, before launching go into the Rules window and change the match time to max (10 minutes I think) and the round amount to 99. Now practice for a long time without having to jump through these hoops every 5 rounds.
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