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    [PSA] Zone Attack UI is broken

    When your enemy goes into guard, then zone attacks, your UI shows a red attack indicator from his guard angle, that which then switches to the zone attack angle.
    It is essentially a feint, at about twice the speed of a normal feint, with no further input requirement and none of the drawbacks of an actual feint.
    It's so fast for some classes, I'm not yet sure if every class can switch guard fast enough to match the first indicator and then switch to the 2nd on time.
    So if you kept getting hit by Orochi, PK and Warden zone attacks even though normally your defense is good, don't worry! It's not you, the UI is just bugged.

    I've reported this as a bug, but god knows if or when this gets fixed, considering I told Ubisoft how to bleed people 100-0 without even hitting them in CB and it's still in the game.
    Figured I should at least give out a heads-up.
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    I have seen this a lot. It's especially bad on peacekeeper as all her attacks look alike making it even harder to compensate for this.
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