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    People NEED to learn the basics before complaining....

    Hello all
    i have seen so many people getting angry because the game is clunky...or this class is OP...
    or they are simple lost with all the combos and moves and don't know whats going on.

    if you are any of the above or want to learn how to play the berserker.

    Watch this...learn...and this will drastically help you out
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    You're asking the people to have common sense, use their brains and learn before they post that some character is OP or that is game is unbalanced because (insert class here) is OP?

    That's... very nice of you, seriously. But allow to say that it's a futile effort, sadly.
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    trust me i know but if even one person watches the videos
    learns its not that hard and changes their mind im happy lol.
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