I see alot of threads about how OP revenge is, how it punishes good play/rewards bad play etc.

To all you people who think this; do you actually stop to think about the mechanic and how its build up, before complaining?

The buildup of revenge can be broken into 2 segments; defensive play, none-defensive play.
The former is by far the fastes way and involves parries and blocks. By doing these you fill up your revenge meter quite rapidly and ITS NOT A SIGN OF BAD PLAY. QUITE THE OPPOSITE.
The latter is a very slow method and involves taking damage. Yes you could theoretically build around this and just soak damage to build revenge, but its a bad tradeof in practise. It simply gets you killed since you dont have enough life to do it

So all in all; if a player pops revenge, you either sucked at landing your hits or he/she was good at defending.
Both situations sound fair to me. So stop complaining.