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    List of ports for Ubisoft games

    I have router with UPNP enabled but it still fails to automatically forward ports and I had yellow or even red strict NAT. So after a few hours of research, network monitoring and testing I figured out port forwarding rules that will make all Ubisoft games (For Honor, Rainbow Six Siege, The Crew) to work correctly so you will get green Open NAT status. Follow port forwarding guide for your router model to redirect those ports:

    TCP 13000-15000
    UDP 1200
    UDP 3074
    UDP 3075
    UDP 6015
    UDP 9103
    UDP 50000-65000

    I do not recommend to forward TCP 80 and 443 that Ubisoft recommend in this guide because it will make other devices you have connected to router to not work correctly.
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    works for Rainbow Six, but not for For Honor. Thx anyway.
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    I'll try it and get back to you, thanks for the info.
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    Originally Posted by kilyan82 Go to original post
    For Honor: udp 3074 on a static ip assigned to your nic, not by dhcp. The upnp does the opening of only the necessary ports, no need to open all those ports. So try using upnp and look on your nat port mapping, what port opened upnp for your game. Very simple and clever solution.
    How do I look at my NAT port mapping?
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