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    orochi tip pls help me :)

    hey guys , i main orochi and i prty much know all the moves with it .
    but one move i dont know is the one where you guard brake and then after that do another thing that i dont know in order to roll on the enemy while slashing him on the back, i dont know how effective it is , but first off all it looks sick as ****, but mainly because now knowing every move on this champion drives me crazy
    you can see it in the heros tab after choosing the orochi and then HOW TO FIGHT , and advanced video , its at the start of the video .

    ty guys who help
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    I main orochi as well, still really new however, I think you are talking about the "rear throw"? Hold down on the left joystick while throwing and you will roll over your opponents back. Not sure about the slash, as they may just be a light atrack afterwards. Let me know if this helps.
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    sounds more like the one where you dash back then forward to hit and roll across them. All you do is dash back then hold heavy. if it lands right, you'll roll over them and re position, it's pretty disorienting for both parties involved
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