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    Fighting Orochi with the Warden

    Warden's top attack isn't fast enough to hit Orochi while doing Zephyr Slash (side slash move thing), and the Warden is not fast enough to block that after performing a fast top attack, I tried doing left and right attack, but the Orochi keeps doing that side slash and gets my health so low. Tried doing shoulder charge but that side slash attack is just too fast. I tried fighting more defensively, but they can just guard break me (I'm not good at countering guard break) and do that double top attack. Any advice on countering that? or the Orochi's speed should be nerfed abit? pardon my English, I'm not a native English speaker.
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    Well for once, I think the counter guardbreak timing is too tight, my thumb usually doesn't have the time to reach from my right joystick to X to counter a guardbreak even is I'm still in my stand still state. For that sideslash, you can always try to parry it and then punish him with 2 light attacks
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    orochis are assasins, once you attack and they dodge your attack, there is nothing you can do to stop getting hit. so, how to fight a orochi with a warden?

    -first, you can try using your area attack (heavy attk + light attk) it has a really big range.
    -second, go defensive, keep distance with the orochi (so you'll have more time to react in case of guard break), and PARRY the orochi. once parry'd, you can go for a guardbreak that the orochi wont be able to stop, and from that, you can hit him.
    -remember: if you block a orochi using that skill where he dashes backwards and then rushes you, you can do a unblockeable guardbreak to him
    -if the orochi just waits for your attack, you should give him what he wants: use a heavy attack and press "e" to cancel it. thats called a "faint". the orochi will try to dodge it and attack you from the sides, but you never really attacked, so now you have more than enough time to block him or parry him.
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