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    I love this game.

    A few issues aside, I love this game.

    Yesterday, I was able to join with some guys from France, California and North Carolina to attempt the unwinnable Kobayashi Maru scenario. It was fun, a little slow moving like submarine combat, which is what Star Trek is supposed to be, but the best part about it was interacting with the rest of my crew. Depending on who you get in there, the banter is the best part of this game so far. I've also noticed, you can get full trekkies to people who could care less. Personally, I go all in.

    Another round ended in the total destruction of out ship and crew... we were seconds away from escaping certain death and all freaking out about warping the frak out of there... but alas, we blew up and it was amazingly fun.

    I know people are more apt to post the negatives, but for me, the game is awesome so far, has amazing potential. Just imagine two live crews engaged in a multiplayer battle...

    Here's a wish list:

    * Display RANK next to my name. How else is the Captain supposed to properly give me orders?
    * Perhaps this is my novice, but combat seems like just like an attempt to keep the enemy in firing range and repeatedly shooting. I feel like there needs to be more strategy behind it. Think Starfleet Command.
    * Get out of those seats! Who doesn't want to at least tour a starship? I understand the importance of staying seated during a mission, but they should have a pre-flight tour available.
    * Some Easter Eggs. Shouldn't there be an apple next to the captains chair in the Kobayashi Maru mission??

    Just a few ideas. Is there a suggestion post??
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    Oh no are the Europeans rolling North American servers already? I've been getting great team mates none from Europe or Australia as of yet
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