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    Unable to find games? Make sure that UPnP is enabled in your router

    This is probably already posted a million times in other threads, but...there's a lot of posts about problems finding matches or getting kicked out of games. I wanted to share my experience with this issue.

    Last night I fired up For Honor on PS4, and was immediately frustrated when I could not find a match in ANY game type. I noticed that the NAT symbol was red, and it said "NAT type: Strict" in the loading screen while trying to find a match. I logged into my router admin console, and UPnP was not enabled. I turned it on and restarted my PS4. After that, I was able to join games almost instantly.
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    But when my matchmaking was taking a while it said strict, then it said extended, then it finally went to ALL PLAYERS.

    But I'm gonna try this to see if it works.
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