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    Major gameplay issue (exploit), needs addressing.

    I don't want to be explicit about this because hopefully Red Storm can address this issue before the majority of players, new and old, figure it out. But it's already common knowledge among some of us who have probably played too much WW. I'll try and be subtle:

    Don't fake-track my way, and I'm not alone.

    I actually steer clear of using this exploit out of respect for the game, but others do not -- and it's starting to become more common. It can be a real WTF moment for newer players the first time it's done to them, and discourages claiming a certain role.

    Fix: add a modifier button to whispering.


    On another note, please remove the need for prayer -- it is often immersion-breaking on a social level.
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    Plz ubi, make the role list on the book totally random, because right now we can determine which roles was not in the game.
    need a fix plz we can't play anymore.
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    I'd be happy to confirm that this will be fixed in the coming weeks.

    Keep an eye out on this forum or our Twitter channel for when we have more details.
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    How many more because we're already onto months now...
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