Player Customization

As a player, you’ll be able to customize the Heroes you own. You start with the Warden, Raider and the Kensei, but you are also able to unlock the Conqueror, Berzerker and Orochi.

Once you own them, you can change their armor (3 pieces) and their weapon (3 parts). You can acquire armor and weapon parts by playing matches or by using Scavenger tickets.

Once you are settled with your gear, you can also change the appearance of your heroes’ armor. Every character features 5 different body parts that can be customized. Some options will impact the overall character some will impact only specific body parts.


Traits section:

  • You can change the gender of your hero anytime you want. All the Tech Test Heroes can be either male or female
  • You can also change the skin tone of all the Heroes.


  • In this section, you can choose the color palette of your liking. Attacker and Defender palettes are used in Dominion and Brawl.
  • The Neutral palette is used in Duel.


  • The player can change the overall material of his Heroes. A selection of metal is available for the Knights. A selection of leather is available for the Samurai and Vikings


A Hero always feature 5 body parts to customize. Their placement varies according to the Hero.

On a body part, the player can apply a paint pattern, which covers the whole body part. He can also apply a symbol over the paint pattern. The color of these elements will follow the color palette choice.

The player can also use an engraving, a symbol carved in the armor material.


Outfits are a complete customisation set for a Hero. Some customization elements are only accessible by unlocking the Outfit. You can unlock each Hero Outfit with Steel or by reaching a Reputation level of 5. You'll see Elite Outfits during the test, worn by the For Honor Development team members.