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    First thing you gonna do ?

    Hi, i saw this game on twitch and it seemed really good

    I didn't have access to the beta, so i didn't play at all so i m wondering guyz what will be the first thing you will do with the game ?
    Like what will be your first buy as character, and when do you buy the prenium chest at 500? (at what lvl does it become optimal to buy)

    Any tips from the guy who already played ? Ty
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    If you haven't played yet, play a few duels against the AI and watch each characters tutorial video (for the characters you like). Once you've picked a character and learned his mechanics, jump into dominion against the AI or pvp duels to get to know the game more. You won't get much for customization at first, so don't worry about that until you've settled on a character and gained a few levels. Hold onto your steel early on. The salvage packs will benefit you more once you've gained some xp and reputation.

    For real, watch the tutorial videos. The in game tutorial only covers the basics.
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    - Play the basic tutorial
    - play the advanced tutorial
    - play duels (1v1) to learn your class the best.

    3 simple steps to learn your character well.

    For me, im gonna start by creating and customizing my Viking emblem propperly!
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    I will unlock the Lawbringer.. learn the Lawbringer.. BE the Lawbringer
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    If history has taught me anything it's that I'll be spending the first three hours making my emblem.
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    Unlock and play as many classes as possible. If your still on the fence about the game then now is the time to try the classes and see how they differ from each other.

    In the alpha I only focused on the Orochi whereas in the beta I played all the classes. I feel I got more out of the beta because it let me really try the extent of the classes and each playstyle. I was pleasantly surprised at some classes that I initially thought I wouldn't enjoy.
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    Originally Posted by Egotistic_Ez Go to original post
    If history has taught me anything it's that I'll be spending the first three hours making my emblem.
    This so much!
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    Practice makes perfect

    To everyone who will play this game for the first time, and to those, who is being killed by any kind of button-mashers:

    1. Choose one character to learn
    2. Watch carefully in-game basic and advance video guides for the chosen character
    3. Find a person who knows how to fight and spend at least couple of hours practicing with him.
    ... then go fight

    Otherwise you may spend quite a lot of time learning inefficient tactics and writing posts here about "awfulness" of this game.
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    During the beta did not put more then 5 minutes into customization because the progress would be lost anyway. I just checked the options so i could give feedback. On Frb 14th, i will create a good emblem first and then dueldueldueldueldueldueldueldueldueldueldueldueldu elduel.

    If you have never played before, i wouldnt focus too hard on dominion at first. You can play some for fun, but per dominion match you will only occasionly have a "clean" 1vs1 where you can test your skills, try out stuff etc . Duel is a mutch better enviroment for improving.

    (Dont skip the training. Play the advanced stuff three times. Kill 100 of the guardbreak and the parry bots )
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    Kensei(guy with a looong katana) will be the easiest and one of the strongest charackters in open Beta, you should definitely start with him.
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