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    Try to log off and log in again, it should fix the problem.
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    Had the KLM450 bike with some upgrades and now it's gone

    How could I have had the bike and upgrade it and now it has been taken back? Now it shows I am missing some blue print pieces after I already built it!! How do i get it back?
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    Me ajudem

    Estou com um probleminha toda vez que eu entro em uma corrida no meio dela minha moto pega uma velocidade absurda e isto acaba me atrapalhando j perdia muitas coisas eu queria saber se algum consegue me informar se tem como resolver este bug/glitch obrigado
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    Is there a way to retrieve your log in details?
    My son logged me out and now I can't log back in, I have tried to reset the password but it keeps stating " you can't use a password thats been used before", even though I am trying new passwords. I don't seem to be getting anywhere with Ubisoft support. I don't want to lose my progress or the money I have spent on in game purchases....so far 89.
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