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    Frequently Asked Questions (or Help me! Im stuck!)

    Riders, we've shared answers for some of the most frequently asked questions by you below. Let us know if there are any questions we have missed out on, or if your problems were solved after reading what we've shared

    • What do I do if I lose my Game progress?

    It’s indeed a stressful situation if you’ve lost your progress, but please do not worry! We’ll help you get it back.
    While we cannot guarantee that your progress will come back, a lot of players have managed to recover their progress by following the steps given below -

    Please note: Having a Ubisoft Account is required for your progress to be saved.
    If you did not create a Ubisoft Account before losing your game progress, you will not be able to retrieve your progress.

    1. The tutorial will start immediately after your progress has been reset.
    You do not need to play the tutorial.
    Instead, press the “pause” button on the top left corner of the screen (shown below) -

    2. You will see a menu with the Ubisoft Account (Uplay) button at the end of the menu.

    Tap on the Ubisoft Account button (highlighted in red below) to log into your account -

    3. The Ubisoft Account login menu will open up, as shown below -

    Please log in using your Ubisoft Account or Facebook.
    Note – Please choose the option you’ve always used to log into your account.
    If you’ve initially always logged in using your email id, please use your email id and not Facebook.
    The same applies for Facebook logins - if you've always logged using Facebook, please use it to log in.

    4. After logging in, you’ll get a prompt asking you to choose between Device and Server -

    We’d recommend choosing the ‘Server’ option, unless you have always chosen ‘Device’ before.

    You should get your progress back

    • Is it OK for me to login using Facebook?

    Yes, you can use Facebook to log into Trials Frontier, but only if -

    a) you’ve always used Facebook to log into the game, or
    b) you’re logging into the game for the first time.

    If you’ve always used your email ID to login, please do not use Facebook to log in as you may lose your data while doing so.

    My Leaderboard ranks are not updating being displayed correctly. What do I do?
    If your Leaderboard ranks are not being displayed correctly, please clear the Cache memory of the app from your phone.

    The Cache memory can be accessed by doing the following on your Android device –
    Open ‘Settings’ --> go to ‘Apps’ --> go to ‘Trials Frontier’ --> go to ‘Storage’ --> tap on ‘Clear Cache’

    Please DO NOT press ‘Clear Data’ – you will lose all your progress!

    Log out of your Ubisoft account and log in again, and your rank(s) should have been updated

    • I have to login every time I play the game. Please help!

    We’re constantly working on improving your login experience. Currently, you would have to log into the game if the game is left inactive for one hour or more.

    For the best possible experience, please close the game (kill background app) after every session and relaunch the game each time

    - While logging in, please use your old id and password and the same option you’ve always used – either Ubisoft (Uplay) account or Facebook.
    If you switch between these two options, you may lose your game progress!

    - New users could use one of the two options to create a new account - Ubisoft (Uplay) account or Facebook.

    Please remember, once you’ve created a new account, you must always use choose the same option to log in to avoid data loss.

    Note: Make sure you don’t reinstall the game as the current progress might get erased.

    • Gameplay / Game controls

    - Make sure you’re controls are not in the same line. Align them in a curve for better efficiency.
    - Clear the game cache (Specifically Android users)
    - Make sure to kill all the background apps.

    • I can see the Midnight Circuit board but I can’t play it. What’s wrong?

    Midnight circuit is permanent feature in the game, and you’ll see the board at all times in the game. However, it is only active during certain events and not all the time!
    keep a watch on our official Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages for all updates on Midnight Circuit’s return!

    If you still face these issues after performing the above mentioned workarounds, please comment with the following information as a response to this thread.

    1) The exact nature of the issue and where exactly in the game are you facing this. (an example - The game controls aren’t working correctly when there are heavy animations on the track particularly - Bunnyhop)
    2) Your device details (Device model name, Android version number etc)
    3) Your Ubisoft account id
    4) Screenshots/ Video (if possible)

    We hope this helped!
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    About KTM 450 rally.

    I just need a last blueprint to build the KTM 450 bike. How can I get it?
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    now for really important things:

    ubisoft club brough nothing but trouble. makes everything take forever to load

    lots of people have freezing/crash exit problems randomly while playing

    for the past 1 or 2 months i've spent longer with the game open but not doing anything, just waiting for it to load and become usable, than actually playing

    10 idle minutes allow me to play, then i can play for 20 or 30 minutes until it dies on me. exit, close, kill, open again, more 10 idle minutes...
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    Are you kidding me Ubi?

    Just synced with server and my 450 Rally is gone, game asked to sync, it had 5 gems more in the server side and selected that. Now instead of my upgraded KTM 450 Rally i have some blueprint parts. Really Ubi?
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    Ktm rally

    I built the new tier 2 Ktm bike after the event, and had started upgrading it. However, now every time I try to view the bikes to upgrade them, it takes me to a Ktm missing 4 pieces and then crashes the app.
    I've tried clearing cache (on android) and uninstalling but doesn't make a difference.
    Help please
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    Originally Posted by IND-GK.Lade Go to original post
    I just need a last blueprint to build the KTM 450 bike. How can I get it?
    Hello.help me please.I need to gift.what is your name is?? My name is Atena714
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    Do stuff to earn gems!!! Didnt work!!!

    I recently was browsing your ads for stuff to do to earn gems and i saw that i could sign up for Starz and earn about 700 gems. So i followed all the steps made sure i used my google account and signed up. When i returned to game i saw no gems were added so i waited for my gas to regenerate played some levels still no gems. Can u please help me!!!
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    Unable to access The Bunker after updating my game!

    I can't access the Bunker after updating my game! I can get into the Bunker but it will not shows anything at all! It just shows that everything is loading but will not load anything no matter how long you wait and how stable your internet connection is! It will not even show the previous Bunker event that ended, hence I can not get my earned rewards! It does not even show the recent/new event in the Bunker! This just happened only after updating to the most recent version! Every other part of the game seema to be working fine even the Midnight Circuit, the Bunker is the only part I cant access! Pls look into this Ubi!!
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    Error enter in ubisoft

    I can't login in ubisoft. It's writing "error login.please, try again later".I did clear cache.
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    Connected to ubisoft but says "no internet connection"

    Recently when i logged in my ubisoft account normally but when i try to use: Bunker, Slot machine, upgrading bikes and anba it says "this does require an internet connection.
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